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    Incorporating design thinking and STEAM ethos in early education


KinderSTEAM is a joint initiative by JCDSRI, Brown and RISD to further design thinking and STEAM ethos in early education.


Started in 2013, KinderSTEAM aims to engage children in cross-disciplinary studies through design thinking and hands-on learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math, while simultaneously providing opportunities for college students to learn about pedagogy and allow them to share their passions and ideas with young kids.






Curricula & Workshops

Much of wour work culminates in iterative development of experimental curricula and workshops at the JCDS that introduces STEAM ideas and design thinking to young children. Here's a selected catalog of some of our curricula and workshops!

Recycled Sound

Recycled material for music.

Tangible Coding

Coding blocks to control smart toys.

Avian Architecture

Designing architecture in the wild.

Collaborative Design

Kids and undergraduates designing games together.

STEAM Recipes

When STEAM means yum.

Paper Circuits

Accessible introduction to electronics and making through paper circuits.



Partner Initiative


Annual design and instructional fest at JCDS
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Tangible Learning Initiative

Technology for Tangible Kindergartens
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Our team is an amalgamation of backgrounds. We are students, administrators, teachers, and professors, all bound by an unwavering commitment to early education, design thinking and STEAM principles.

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Adam Tilove
Head of School, JCDS

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Ian Gonsher
Assistant Professor, Brown University

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Rotem Goldberg
Principal, JCDS

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Clare Jessey
KinderSTEAM Fellow, RISD

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Heila Precel
Tikkunxdesign Fellow

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Rishabh Singh
KinderSTEAM Fellow, Brown

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Minsoo Thigpen
Co-President, RISD STEAM

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Kenji Endo
Co-President, Brown STEAM

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Jeremy Joachim
Co-President, Brown STEAM


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kinderSTEAM is a fundamentally collaborative endeavor. We want to create learning experiences that are both delightful and divergent for children everywhere, and we cannot do it without you. Reach out to us to get involved in any capacity: from ideas and feedback to collaboration and partnerships!

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